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Design Services

Clients may avail themselves of any combination of the full range of services offered by Gardens By Design. If you wish we will send a designer to your site to consult with you about your garden or provide regular coaching sessions to help keep you on track if you are building your own garden. We will create a professional garden design with all plants and combinations clearly depicted on a scale drawing. For larger landscapes or multi-year projects, we will develop an overall site design including all major features, garden beds, and visitor flow. We will also build your garden and plant it including the additions of bulbs in fall. For our design clients we provide spring and periodic maintenance services including weeding, plant replacement, pruning and dividing as well as winter preparation to ready and protect your garden for winter.

On-Site Consultation and Coaching

An on-site consultation involves a visit to your property to offer ideas and suggestions and to answer any of your landscape and garden related questions. Topics can range from how to enhance or develop an area of your site to how to improve your soil. We can suggest plants that should do well at your location, coach you on reworking an existing garden, and give you tips on how to reduce maintenance time. For gardeners who want to take the lead in designing and implementing their gardens, but who might need a little help along the way, periodic coaching sessions can be especially helpful. An on-site consultation can also serve as the first step in the design process.

Overall Site Plan

After a site visit and extensive discussion about what you envision for your property we can develop an overall site plan. The plan will take into account the activities and needs of family members, views you wish to enhance or obscure as well as your goals and budget. Hardscape elements can be planned and defined and garden beds can be designated and designed. An overall site plan or master plan is a useful tool for implementing a phased project.

Garden Design

Gardens By Design will develop a unique design for your garden areas. This custom plan will be based on a discussion with you about your vision of a beautiful garden including garden style, color palette, plant types, maintenance requirements, and other elements. We are known for our creative plant combinations, using foliage to increase the impact of our gardens, and designing gardens that bloom throughout the season. You will receive scale drawings of all gardens designed for you with plant selections designated on the drawings. We also provide a plant list with detailed descriptions of the plants.

Installation Services

Gardens By Design will handle your garden installation for you from planning through completion. We have a well-trained, experienced team that does garden bed preparation, planting, paths, patios and rock work. We also coordinate with other specialty contractors for certain elements, in particular those that might require heavy machinery or the building trades. Alternatively, we can coach and guide you if you prefer to do all or part of the installation yourself. Both options are available for projects that will be completed in one day, one season or those that will be created over several years.


For our design clients, Gardens By Design offers garden maintenance on an hourly basis. Some of our clients opt for regularly scheduled maintenance while others call us on an as needed basis. Our goal is to meet your needs. We strive to be very flexible for you. We also provide special Spring Maintenance services at the inception of the growing season and Winter Preparation at the conclusion of the season. Spring Maintenance includes removal of spent foliage, fertilizing all plants, pruning and weeding as necessary and refreshment of mulch. Winter Preparation entails caging trees, wrapping shrubs, cutting back the plants that require it and planting spring flowering bulbs.

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Gardens By Design is Alaska’s premier garden design service. We offer a full line of garden design, installation, and maintenance services to enhance your landscape. Based in Homer, Alaska, award-winning Gardens By Design creates unique garden and landscape designs for both commercial and residential clients throughout southcentral Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula.

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